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Bricor Patent

New Bricor Patent!

Bricor Analytical, Inc. has just been awarded their latest patent: US 8,991,419 for Their Venturi Valve Pressure Compensator Apparatus. The engineers at Bricor are constantly striving to develop new technologies to increase the ability to conserve water while creating an enjoyable showering experience. Their Venturi Valve Pressure Compensator does just that! Many competitors’ shower heads in […]

Bricor Navy Shower Head

What is a Navy Shower?

Have you ever heard of a Navy Shower? No, it doesn’t mean your bathroom is painted blue. It is showering the way they do it in the Navy. Think about it; there is only so much water that a submarine or naval ship can carry. They want to use as little water as possible during […]

Low Flow Shower Head Water Savings

How a Low Flow Shower Head Saves Water

So you’re thinking about changing out your old shower head to one that uses less water. Good for you! If you can find a low flow shower head that feels just as satisfying, but uses much less water, it’s a no-brainer right? Droughts are occurring more frequently in more and more places You can save […]