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Our Eco shower head gets amazing performance while saving water, money and energy with our innovative aeration technology. We first perfected the low flow showerhead technology serving the commercial markets and are now making it available to the general public.

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When you install Bricor low flow showerheads, you'll enjoy a powerful and luxurious low-flow shower for years to come. You'll also take advantage of tremendous water savings due to the dramatic reduction in water usage our shower heads provide. And since you're using less hot water, you'll save on energy costs as well.

  • Eco-FIT® Chrome

    Bricor Eco-FIT®


    The Bricor Eco-FIT® is our most cost-effective low-flow shower head perfect for apartments and other budget sensitive applications.

  • Eco-FIT® PC Chrome

    Bricor Eco-FIT® PC


    The Eco-FIT PC uses our Patented Pressure Compensated Vacuum Flow Physics to deliver 1.5 GPM @ 50 psi.

  • Eco-Mi$er® PC Chrome

    Bricor Eco-Mi$er® PC


    Our Eco-Miser PC shower head combines performance with economy, delivering an astounding 0.995 GPM of water while still packing a major wallop.

  • Eco-Bravo® PC Chrome

    Bricor Eco-Bravo® PC


    The Eco-Bravo PC, our ‘big brother’ of the eco-series, delivers a surprisingly robust flow considering it runs at just 1.6 GPM.

  • The Solution® Bright Chrome

    The Solution®


    The Solution is our top of the line multi-function, three-setting shower head with full spray, massage, and combo setting.

  • Rain$aver® Chrome

    Bricor Rain$aver®


    Finally, a ‘rain’ style shower head you don’t have to feel guilty about using. Experience full rain style at an amazing 1.5 GPM.

  • UltraMax Chrome



    The lowest flow shower head we offer is perfect for RVs, campers, airplanes and other situations where ultra low flow is a must.

  • B100 Max Chrome

    B100 Max

    5.00 out of 5

    Our 1 GPM shower head used by military bases, universities, and hotels maintains comfort while reducing water consumption day in and day out.

  • Bricor Navy B100 Max

    Navy B100 Max


    Similar to the B100 Max, with the additional feature of an on-off valve, allowing you to conserve even more water by taking a Navy-style shower.

  • B125 SuperMax Chrome

    B125 SuperMax


    Hands-down the best 1.25 GPM shower head on the market, the B125 SuperMax can be found in homes, hotels and apartment complexes all over America.

  • Bricor Navy Shower Head

    Navy B125 SuperMax


    Similar to the B125 SuperMax, with the additional feature of an on-off valve, allowing you to conserve even more water by taking a Navy-style shower.

  • Elite-E Satin Nickel


    5.00 out of 5

    Our Top of the line hotel shower head is being used all across America. With a standard flow rate of 1.25 GPM you can save water and money in style.

  • Elite-R Polished Brass



    With slightly different styling than the Elite-E, the Elite-R can be found in major gyms/fitness facilities and hotels across the country.

  • The Resort - Oil Rubbed Bronze

    The Resort

    5.00 out of 5

    The Resort is the ultimate in luxurious shower heads, bringing a resort hotel atmosphere into your home. Made of 100% solid brass for dependable performance.

  • Handheld B110 Chrome

    Handheld B110


    Lowest flow rate in the industry for a low flow hand held shower head at only 1.125 gpm. Save water and get a great flow stream with an excellent hand held.

  • Handheld B150 Chrome

    Handheld B150

    5.00 out of 5

    This hotel grade, hand-held shower head features adjustable stream settings with a 1.50 GPM flow delivery.

  • Pre-Rinse Sprayer

    Pre-Rinse Sprayer


    The surprisingly powerful stream that comes from this low flow pre-rinse sprayer will charge through heavy food build-up, burnt pans, and more.

  • Low Flow Aerators

    Low Flow Aerators

    5.00 out of 5

    The best low flow aerator your money can buy. This is a big performer in a small package. Perfect for bathrooms and other places where large amounts of water aren’t needed.

  • Bricor Low Flow Shower Engineering Cut Sheets